Retailer Consolidation Solutions

CaseStack's Retailer Consolidation Program is the essence of supply chain efficiency and collaboration. Working closely with leading retailers, we combine your LTL deliveries with others headed to the same distribution center, store or region into one full truckload. You receive full truckload pricing for your LTL shipments, the retailer monitors a single order and everyone experiences superior performance.

Using our advanced cloud-based technology platform, you can monitor the progress of any order, from the time you submit it until it's delivered. With the supplier, retailer and logistics provider all using the same system, CaseStack streamlines order tracking, improves on-time rates and decreases management costs.

With programs throughout the country and relationships with numerous retailers, CaseStack's collaborative model produces measurable benefits and drives sustainability best practices.

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Object Oriented Interfaces

Our richly collaborative platform allows your team to take on the toughest logistics challenges through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Since everyone is able to see the trucks being collaboratively built in real time, the team can spot and correct any problems before the truck is actually finalized, resulting in the most accurate order possible.



CaseStack works with the largest retailers in the country to create specialized programs designed to offer truckload benefits to less than truckload suppliers.

CaseStack can help reduce transportation costs, improve delivery times, lessen inventory holding costs, increase inventory turns and reduce dock congestion.

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CPG Companies

Our team works closely with our supply chain network to provide you with unsurpassed operational performance.

CaseStack provides Guaranteed Service Levels to keep Retailer Scorecards high & top-of-category reputation. We also provide warranties against exposure from some retailer MABD penalties that might hurt your margins.

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